Justice Pest Services offers safe and humane animal removal services, as well as affordable rodent exclusion. We are locally owned and operated in Austin.

These are the creatures you don’t want any one to know about, especially when they invade your home or business. Rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, birds and snakes are Vertebrate Pests. Every year thousands of dollars in damages are done in Austin and surrounding areas by rodents and raccoons.

The health hazards resulting from animal wastes in your attic or living area can be really serious, not to mention damage to your heating and air conditioning system. At Justice Pest Services our approach is simple. We survey your problem and will recommend exclusion for these pests.

We are very skilled in repairs and structural modifications that can make your property pest proof. Along with these repairs, we will trap the animals and remove them from the premises. We offer warranties and include an annual inspection to be sure your property remains pest free.

Justice Pest Services has been serving Central Texas for over ten years.

Call us first for advice and help with your pest problems.

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